Season 4, Episode 2 – We Beat Covid & 2021

Ayo! What’s going on, family? Jeffanity, the host doin’ the most with Nickbeam, & Comosedicecruz, last by contractual obligations are back again. This week on the pod the boys gives their final remarks and summaries on 2021, give notes about surviving a stint with Covid-19 . As always we there is lots more in between,Continue reading “Season 4, Episode 2 – We Beat Covid & 2021”

Season 3, Episode 3 – Pokémalone

Ayo! Waddup and welcome. Sorry about the delay. Events outside our control has caused some production delays. Shout out to everyone in Texas who did what they needed to make it through that cold snap, power outage. Prays for those who did not make it through. This week we have an update on our prisonContinue reading “Season 3, Episode 3 – Pokémalone”

Se. 2 Ep. 7 – Maybe I’d be a Whore

Ayo! Thanks for checkin’ in with the BadKidzpod. It is ya boi Jeffanity, ya host doin the most that aint neva goin’ back to broke. As always brought to you with love with NickBeam, Cruz and AMB this week. We learn that AMB has a work husband and may also be a sugar baby, makeContinue reading “Se. 2 Ep. 7 – Maybe I’d be a Whore”

Se1. Ep. 10 – Prison Roll Call

YOOOOO!!! We are back with another episode ladies and gentlemen. Fuckin’ 2019 is weird as hello, yo. Everyone is in goddamn jail these days. This week we talk about who is going to jail and why. We spend a little more time talking about A$AP Rocky and his legal situation overseas. A rough list ofContinue reading “Se1. Ep. 10 – Prison Roll Call”

Se.1 Ep. 4 Jeffanity’s A Rapper

Yoooooo. Welcome back to the BadKidzPod. Here we are at episode 4, Jeff’s a rapper. This week Jeffanity & Cruz are old and washed because they are excited about getting new furniture . We talk about PC Gaming. Continue to make bold statements that will cost us potential investor this week is a big fuckContinue reading “Se.1 Ep. 4 Jeffanity’s A Rapper”

Se. 1 Ep. 3 – Joynus Luker

Welcome back to the BadKidz podcast & welcome to episode 3! Brought to you, per usual, by 3 best friends and pseudo adults Jeffanity, xNickBeam & Cruz. This is our corner of the interweb where out takes on pop culture, rap/music talk, video games and whatever else lives.We hit time this week. We get theContinue reading “Se. 1 Ep. 3 – Joynus Luker”