Season 4, Episode 2 – We Beat Covid & 2021

Ayo! What’s going on, family? Jeffanity, the host doin’ the most with Nickbeam, & Comosedicecruz, last by contractual obligations are back again. This week on the pod the boys gives their final remarks and summaries on 2021, give notes about surviving a stint with Covid-19 . As always we there is lots more in between,Continue reading “Season 4, Episode 2 – We Beat Covid & 2021”

Se. 1 Ep. 24 – Cruz Buys a Home

Ayyy yo! Welcome back, welcome back you wonderful, beautiful motherfuckers. It is another week, another great time to be alive. The boys are drinking on this episode and so that means shit is going to get weird. People are out here on their roney baloney bullshit and that is why we stay in the houseContinue reading “Se. 1 Ep. 24 – Cruz Buys a Home”

Se. 1 Ep. 20 – No Hops in Cocaine

Ayyy yo! Welcome back, welcome back you wonderful motherfuckers. This week in the world of the Badkidz we try to make the best out of our respective Monday evenings to bring you the content you deserve. I want to take this moment to just appreciate Wendy’s spicy nuggets. Other things we get into: Kanye West’sContinue reading “Se. 1 Ep. 20 – No Hops in Cocaine”

Ep. 19 – Move Your Life Aside

Hey, yo! Welcome back to another week hangin’ with the bois on the Badkidzpod. Immediately we get into the fact that Jeremy Renner and his wife are out her wylin and we need to know why. Fuck Hawkeye is the official stance of the BadKidz. Check your state and make sure you are safe againstContinue reading “Ep. 19 – Move Your Life Aside”

Se.1 Ep. 15 – Alternative Noodles

AYOOOOO! Welcome back to the BadKidz PodFoodcast. Hope you got your stretchy pants on because we do as we dig into tiers of fast food, chicken sandwiches, meal preps and marinated tomatoes. The gang is gearing up to go to join Beam in Texas, so be on the look out for a recap of ourContinue reading “Se.1 Ep. 15 – Alternative Noodles”