Season 3, Episode 9- Sitting Down & Chugging Water The boys are back on their bullshit. Another episode helmed by Jeffanity, the host doin’ the most with Nickbeam, #1 badkid & Comosedicecruz, last by contractual obligations. This week we check in on what is going on with streamers and Twitch, who introduced a new category. We do 2 deep dives this week. One is theContinue reading “Season 3, Episode 9- Sitting Down & Chugging Water”

Se. 2 Ep. 12 – What’s the title, again?

The BadKidz Podcast ยท Season 2, Episode 12 – What’s the title, again? Ayo! Waddup and welcome. Jeffanity and Cruz kick off the cast this week, slow rolling in until the prince xNickbeam makes it onto the scene. We do a deeper dive on games this week considering The Game Awards is coming up andContinue reading “Se. 2 Ep. 12 – What’s the title, again?”

Se. 2 Ep. 2 – Saucy Nugs (Wet Tenders)

Ayo!!! Welcome back to the Badkidzpod. After serious consideration we want to join this Nebraska man’s campaign against boneless wings (peep the link below). SZA is also back, so everyone check your fuckin’ vibes because it is time to chill. The BadKidz get into a bunch more like: eating the rich, game life spans, howContinue reading “Se. 2 Ep. 2 – Saucy Nugs (Wet Tenders)”

Ep. 19 – Move Your Life Aside

Hey, yo! Welcome back to another week hangin’ with the bois on the Badkidzpod. Immediately we get into the fact that Jeremy Renner and his wife are out her wylin and we need to know why. Fuck Hawkeye is the official stance of the BadKidz. Check your state and make sure you are safe againstContinue reading “Ep. 19 – Move Your Life Aside”

Se.1 Ep. 15 – Alternative Noodles

AYOOOOO! Welcome back to the BadKidz PodFoodcast. Hope you got your stretchy pants on because we do as we dig into tiers of fast food, chicken sandwiches, meal preps and marinated tomatoes. The gang is gearing up to go to join Beam in Texas, so be on the look out for a recap of ourContinue reading “Se.1 Ep. 15 – Alternative Noodles”

Se. 1 Ep. 14 – Chicken, Marvel & GME

YOOOO!! Everyone was here on time this week….except this nigga Cruz. Gahd damn. We, the BadKidz are back, back, back once again ladies and gentlemen. Shout to to Amazon, friend of the show whether they like it or not, but anti shout out to H&M and their cheap ass clothes. But BIGGEST shout out toContinue reading “Se. 1 Ep. 14 – Chicken, Marvel & GME”

Se. 1 Ep. 11 – Swingers

Welcome ba- ba- ba- back to the mo’fuckin’ BadKidzPod, the best goddamn podcast under 90 minutes. Jeffanity, NickBeam & Cruz are back with another episode. NickBeam took a little trip back home to CT. We spend a fair amount of time recapping the events from the trip considering that this is the first time allContinue reading “Se. 1 Ep. 11 – Swingers”

Se1. Ep. 10 – Prison Roll Call

YOOOOO!!! We are back with another episode ladies and gentlemen. Fuckin’ 2019 is weird as hello, yo. Everyone is in goddamn jail these days. This week we talk about who is going to jail and why. We spend a little more time talking about A$AP Rocky and his legal situation overseas. A rough list ofContinue reading “Se1. Ep. 10 – Prison Roll Call”

Se.1 Ep. 8 Wedding Wings

Yerrr! The Badkidz are back with episode number 8 of the BadKidzPod the best goddamn podcast ever. Join Jeffanity, Beam & Cruz this week as we get into Stadia, music streaming numbers & Venasaur (da God) just doing it’s best. Peep the link below. Follow us on Instagram, @badkidzpod ,for updates and additional content. SubscribeContinue reading “Se.1 Ep. 8 Wedding Wings”

Se.1 Ep. 5 – I Need an Adult

We are slow rolling in this week folks with Episode 5, I need an Adult! Welcome back to the BadkidzPod, the best goddamn podcast ever. This week Beam & Cruz start us out with a spotlight some beer. Game of thrones is over now (praise be according to Jeffanity), but there were some highlights worthContinue reading “Se.1 Ep. 5 – I Need an Adult”