Season 4, Episode 1 – Older & Wiser

Summer break has long since been over and the Badkidz are back takin’ you back to taking you to school! No, sorry, bad joke. I have been hangin’ out with ComesediceCruz too much, so sorry. Since we left you last each of the Badkidz have leveled up into the 30 club and so we talkContinue reading “Season 4, Episode 1 – Older & Wiser”

Season 3, Episode 6

Ayo! Waddup and welcome, family. Sorry for the wait, like Weezy said. A lot of moving parts happening in the Badkidz world. But we are back on your airwaves one more again. Jeffanity waited in line to get vaxxed, we see whats poppin’ with Epic, and NickBeam talks about his latest music initiative. On topContinue reading “Season 3, Episode 6”

Season 3, Episode 5 – Fish Sticks & Steakums

Ayo! Waddup and welcome, family. Let me start by asking you a question, talkin’ to my fine diners out there, what is your favorite iteration surf & turf? We at the Badkidzpod think there is nothing better than making fish sticks and steakums when you really want to treat yourself or your partner right. OnContinue reading “Season 3, Episode 5 – Fish Sticks & Steakums”

Se. 2 Ep. 10 – “Quotes” by Cruz

Ayo! Welcome back to the Badkidzpod. Jeffanity, NickBeam & Cruz are back for another drop. Jeffanity raps his way through another intro, you’re welcome. NickBeam was 3 degrees away from Don Toliver, so we are on the road to being famous. This week we also get into things like: sports, Slaughterhouse, J.I.D, black excellence shoutContinue reading “Se. 2 Ep. 10 – “Quotes” by Cruz”

Se. 2 Ep. 7 – Maybe I’d be a Whore

Ayo! Thanks for checkin’ in with the BadKidzpod. It is ya boi Jeffanity, ya host doin the most that aint neva goin’ back to broke. As always brought to you with love with NickBeam, Cruz and AMB this week. We learn that AMB has a work husband and may also be a sugar baby, makeContinue reading “Se. 2 Ep. 7 – Maybe I’d be a Whore”

Ep. 16 – Booty Juice

AYO AYO AYO AYO !! Welcome to Episode 16 of the Badkidz Pod. As always this weeks episode is brought to you by the host with the most, Jeffanity and the other BadKidz Nick Beam & Cruz. A bunch of shit has happened since the last time the boys go together. There was a BadKidzContinue reading “Ep. 16 – Booty Juice”

Se.1 Ep. 15 – Alternative Noodles

AYOOOOO! Welcome back to the BadKidz PodFoodcast. Hope you got your stretchy pants on because we do as we dig into tiers of fast food, chicken sandwiches, meal preps and marinated tomatoes. The gang is gearing up to go to join Beam in Texas, so be on the look out for a recap of ourContinue reading “Se.1 Ep. 15 – Alternative Noodles”

Se. 1 Ep. 14 – Chicken, Marvel & GME

YOOOO!! Everyone was here on time this week….except this nigga Cruz. Gahd damn. We, the BadKidz are back, back, back once again ladies and gentlemen. Shout to to Amazon, friend of the show whether they like it or not, but anti shout out to H&M and their cheap ass clothes. But BIGGEST shout out toContinue reading “Se. 1 Ep. 14 – Chicken, Marvel & GME”

Se. 1 Ep. 13 – The Boys

Yoooo! People of the internet nation, the intanation, welcome to episode 13 of The BadKidzPod! Jeffanity, NickBeam & Cruz are back bringing you that hot shit. The raid of area 51 are fastly approaching and Beam said he wants to be on site. We have a very interesting question of the week for y’all listeningContinue reading “Se. 1 Ep. 13 – The Boys”

Se. 1 Ep. 11 – Swingers

Welcome ba- ba- ba- back to the mo’fuckin’ BadKidzPod, the best goddamn podcast under 90 minutes. Jeffanity, NickBeam & Cruz are back with another episode. NickBeam took a little trip back home to CT. We spend a fair amount of time recapping the events from the trip considering that this is the first time allContinue reading “Se. 1 Ep. 11 – Swingers”